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Scholarship Applications for IOU Spring 2014 semester is now CLOSED.

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ShareDeen Scholarships









In The Name of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful

ShareDeen is pleased to announce Islamic Online University scholarships for B.A Islamic Studies course


From the 1st of April, 2010 the Islamic Online University (IOU) launched the world’s first tuition-free, Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies in English completely online. This is seen as a major new step towards helping Muslims across the globe fulfill the Prophet’s command to seek knowledge of the religion and correct their understanding of its tenets.

The program has recorded audio and video lectures and weekly live tutorial classes in a virtual classroom setting on the net and its syllabus is based on the BA in Usool ud-Deen (Religious Foundations) curriculum of Madeenah University, Saudi Arabia, Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan, Al-Azhar in Egypt and other similar reputable Islamic institutions. Six subjects are offered each semester. Each semester is 5 months, having an online mid-term exam after two and a half months and a supervised final online at the end of the fifth month. Students are free to access their classes whenever it is convenient for them, however assignments have to be turned in and exams (mid-term and finals) have to be taken at fixed times.

There are no fees for the courses. However, there is a fixed symbolic registration fee and examination fee each semester which is calculated on a sliding scale (from $40 to $120) depending on the student’s country of residence.

More details at their website Islamic Online University.


Applicants must apply for a scholarship before beginning of the spring or fall semester of IOU BAIS programme. New students to BAIS course must register here along with registering at IOU. This scholarship is NOT applicable to current IOU students.

To be considered for a scholarship, applicants should:

  • be a NEW student joining IOU from next semester.
  • be confirmed and accepted for the BAIS course at Islamic Online University.
  • be studying at least 6 subjects excluding any waivers or electives per semester henceforth. The student will be required to maintain grade of 70% and above in all the subjects.
  • have completed at least 3 free diploma courses at Islamic Online University. This condition may be waived if the student can get a recommendation letter from local Imam or head of local Islamic center or renowned Shaikh or Daee along with passing of one free diploma course at IOU.
  • be unable to afford the fees of BAIS course at Islamic Online University. The IOU has a sliding scale of fees depending upon the country of residence. For more details look at
  • not be getting any other scholarships when he/she is applying for ShareDeen scholarships.


Please ensure all the details provided below are accurate and similar to what you have provided in IOU while registering. Use the same email id that you have used to register at IOU.


The following are the terms and conditions for this scholarship:

  • The student must comply with the requirements mentioned above.
  • The student must take up minimum of 6 subjects per semester excluding any waivers or electives henceforth. 
  • The student must maintain a grade of 70% and above in all the subjects throughout the degree course henceforth failing to do so will lead to scholarship withdrawal.
  • The student must inform immediately if the requirements for this scholarship is not met in the current or subsequent semesters.
  • The student must inform in case of any situation that leads to any alteration in the course or dropping out of the course.
  • The student must share his progress with ShareDeen regularly throughout all semesters.
  • ShareDeen will review each applicant carefully and will take the decision about who are selected.
  • ShareDeen takes the responsibility of not sharing the selected students details/progress with any organization or other students. However, please note ShareDeen may interact with IOU to get the required details related to student registration and progress.
  • ShareDeen will offer 100% scholarship to selected students. The semester fees will be paid directly by ShareDeen before the session starts. The payment slip will be forwarded to the student that can be sent to IOU.
  • ShareDeen can be reached at all the time via email at We will insha Allah try to respond at the earliest.


ShareDeen Scholarship Application Form